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Technology Staffing

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Leading provider of technology staffing solutions

Technology Staffing

Tech-Ops is a leading provider of technology staffing solutions – specializing in the Broadcast, Audio Visual and IT industries.

Founded as a technology services firm in 1994, Tech-Ops has also been providing the full range of technology staffing solutions to some of the most demanding clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

To find out more about Tech-Ops’ staffing solutions, please explore this website. To post a job or talk to one of our Staffing Account Managers, please call 877-420-1600 or email mgmt@tech-ops.com

Temporary & Contract Staffing

Whether you have recurring seasonal staffing requirements to fill or need to staff a special project, Tech-Ops can provide qualified temporary or contract workers on short-term or long-term assignments.

In providing Temporary and Contract Staffing, we assure clients of timely placement of skilled workers, faster completion of projects, reduction of overtime costs, and increased productivity.

On Call Staffing

On Call Staffing

Save time and money when you need to supplement your staff due to sudden employee turnover, sickness, maternity leave, or other staffing emergencies.

On-Call Staffing reduces downtime by providing emergency coverage while keeping overhead and HR-related costs low.

Technology Staffing Consulting Services

Technology Staffing Consulting Services

When you have the need for high-level positions on a consulting basis, Tech-Ops can solve the challenge. We offer technology consulting services through top-level managers and consultants based on your budget and requirements.

You can rely on Tech-Ops’ highly skilled and experienced professionals in optimizing and maximizing the use of your technology.

Tech-Ops’ Technology Consulting Services include:

  • Technology Assessments
  • System Design
  • Computer Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • ERP Consulting
  • Custom Programming
  • Software Selection
  • Software Implementation Services
  • Software Training
  • Operational Reviews
  • Staff Recruitment Services
  • For Job Seekers

    For those interested in furthering their careers, there’s no better place to begin than Tech-Ops. Check out our job openings.