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Leader in Technology Service

Tech-Ops is an industry leader in solving the technology services and staffing challenges of AV-IT-Broadcast Integration for companies large and small.

We partner with major corporations, financial institutions, broadcast and cable networks, entertainment companies, universities, government agencies, the military, healthcare companies, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs to provide proven solutions customized to each client’s unique business needs.

Our team of seasoned professionals and skilled innovators currently serve more than 400 clients throughout New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Florida, United Kingdom, Rome (Italy), and Morocco.

Leader in Technology Service - Tech-Ops
Broadcast- Tech-Ops


Tech-Ops has blended a unique combination of expertise, client service, and industry relationships in order to provide excellent, cost effective managed services to their clients.

For 20 years, Tech-Ops has been providing managed services, including engineering/technical staffing and support to Broadcast Television Networks, Post Production Facilities, and Telecommunications Companies.

The ongoing convergence of Broadcast–IT services and delivery channels, and the increasing growth rate of new technologies, have repositioned managed service providers from supporting tool to a strategic driver of corporate profitability.

We currently offer staffing and support in the following areas:

  • Broadcast IT Engineering
  • Post Production Maintenance
  • Avid Tchnical Support
  • Live Broadcast Engineering
  • Broadcast Facilities Design and Build
  • Broadcast Systems Integration
  • Low Voltage Cabling


As the speed of business moves faster and competition becomes global, technology continues its transition from supporting tool to a strategic driver of corporate profitability. The corporate enterprise is also at the effect of the ongoing convergence of Broadcast-AV-IT services and delivery channels, looking for partners who can guide them in integrating this technology in the most cost-effective manner.

Tech-Ops continues to be the integration partner of choice for some of the top companies in the nation, including:

  • National & International Financial Institutions
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Broadcast & Cable Networks
  • Advertising & Public Relations Agencies
  • Sports & Recreation Facilities
  • Fashion Brands & Retailers
Corporate - Tech-Ops

Services Provided (A Sampling)

  • Professional broadcast services, including facilities design and installation.
    • TV Studios & Control Rooms
    • Dubbing Rooms & Voice-Over Booths
    • Editing Suites
    • F/X and 3D Workstations
  • Integrated communications systems across broadcast, AV and IT platforms.
  • Design and installation of AV rooms and of top-of-the-line AV systems.
  • AV conferencing and multimedia services
  • Engineering services for broadcasting and audio visual needs.
  • Planning, installation and migration of low voltage cabling.
  • Recommending, sourcing and procuring broadcast, AV and IT equipment and software solutions.
  • Authorized service center for all major brands of equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair services – at your facility or in our repair shop.
  • 24/7 Help Desk for swift response to any technology challenge.
  • Full range of technology staffing solutions.
Education- Tech-Ops


With the rapid and continuous advancements in technology has come the advent of the “smart classroom” where technology is being harnessed to help teachers – from the local primary school to the largest university – to enhance collaborative learning and exposure to global cultures. Technology is also helping educational institutions employ large amounts of data and interactions to track student progress, and to provide students with focused on-line learning tools.

Tech-Ops designs technology infrastructures and services tailored specifically for:

  • K12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Military Academies
  • Research Institutions

Services Provided (A Sampling)

  • Site Assessments to determine needs and maximize resources.
  • Design and installation of audio-visual systems for auditoriums, libraries, classrooms, conference centers, and research labs.
  • Seamless integration of modern digital and HD equipment with older legacy equipment.
  • Video and audio conferencing for distance learning.
  • Virtual classrooms where one teacher can instruct multiple classrooms at once.
  • Streaming media to increase curriculum content.
  • Development and installation of educational broadcast facilities and services.
  • Live web broadcasts of plays and events.
  • Management of media and data assets.
  • Proven AV-IT integration services.
  • IT network services, server installation and management, and software integration.
  • On-site technical training of teachers and staff.
  • Providing technology staffing support as needed.
  • Maintenance and repair of both digital and analog equipment.

Government and Military

As AV systems have become more complex, they have also become essential to the operations of the government sector and the military. At the same time, all government entities are under tight budget constraints and must maximize resource and their ROI.

Tech-Ops has provided customized cost-effective professional technology solutions to the following governmental institutions and agencies:

  • City and State Government Agencies
  • City Transportation Systems
  • Government Regulated Utility Companies
  • Federal Court Facilities
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • The U.S. Military
Government and Military - Tech-Ops

Services Provided (A Sampling)

  • Secure video and audio conferencing centers.
  • Design and installation of AV systems to fit government facilities specifications.
  • Broadcast facilities and global broadcast services.
  • Skilled integration of broadcast-AV-IT services and equipment.
  • Redundant broadcast-AV-IT installations to cope with natural disasters.
  • Sourcing and procurement of equipment to meet rigorous specifications.
  • Equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Technology support staffing, as needed.
  • 24/7 Help Line to solve any technology challenge.
Healthcare and Nonprofit - Tech-Ops

Healthcare and Nonprofit

In its quest to streamline patient care while maintaining quality outcomes, healthcare is the fastest growing market for AV products and services. From broadcast technology streaming surgical operations to a global audience to enhanced patient data tracking, and from interactive practitioner training to mobile apps to help patients monitor their conditions at home – technology is increasing the ability to expedite care and save lives.

Tech-Ops provides professional broadcast, audio-visual and IT services designed to meet the specialized needs of:

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Individual and Group Medical Practices
  • Managed-Care Organizations
  • Nursing Home & Adult Care Facilities
  • Assisted Living Residences

Tech-Ops partners with these healthcare clients to help them choose the best solution for their institution and patients, including:

  • Site assessments to ensure solutions meet institutional needs while being cost-effective
  • Design and installation of broadcast systems for operating rooms
  • Streaming media to connect medical professionals to a global network
  • Video systems for remote patient monitoring
  • Audio-Visual services for conference rooms
  • IT services including server installation, network administration, and software integration.
  • Data and document storage
  • Media asset management
  • Providing technology staffing support
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment by certified technicians

Nonprofit Clients & Services

Nonprofit institutions have much to gain by using technology to connect to the communities they serve, to get their message out to a wide audience, and to maximize their communication, marketing and fundraising resources. Our clients have included:

  • Churches, Synagogues & Temples
  • Other Houses of Worship
  • Local and National Nonprofit Organizations

Tech-Ops offers nonprofit clients a full range of services to meet their organizational needs, including:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Video and data streaming
  • Media asset management
  • Large format video displays
  • Room and environmental acoustics
  • Noise and vibration control
  • Lighting and dimming systems
  • Support staff
  • Integration of modern digital equipment with legacy analog equipment
  • Maintenance and repair for AV and IT equipment