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Broadcast Services

Broadcast Services

Tech-Ops is a leading provider of Broadcast IT support and staffing services. Our highly skilled engineers, technicians, and managers have world-class experience working at state-of-the-art broadcast facilities doing the following:

Broadcast IT support and staffing services
  • Design and Build of Broadcast Systems
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Broadcast IT Engineering (Live)
  • Post Production Maintenance Engineering
  • Troubleshooting and Fixing
  • Documentation and Drawin

We also provide related engineering services, including preventive maintenance services and equipment repair – at your facilities or in our repair shop, with a 24/7 Help Desk to assist you in solving both hardware and software problems.

Broadcast Facilities Design & Installation

Tech-Ops has been designing and installing broadcast facilities for broadcast and cable networks, entertainment companies, and a wide range of other public and private organizations, since 1994.

Whether you are broadcasting globally or to a satellite office across the country, we will design and install a complete broadcast facility to meet your specific needs. Tech-Ops has experience in designing and building:

  • Broadcast Studios
  • Master Control Rooms
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Digital Media Distribution Centers
  • Broadcast Archive Facilities
  • Editing Rooms
Broadcast Facilities Design & Installation - Tech-Ops

Broadcast Systems Integration

Broadcast Systems Integration - Tech-Ops

As a leading systems integrator, Tech-Ops offers solutions that enhance the entire production chain – from origination of source material, to editing and graphic creation, to broadcast and display solutions.

We are skilled at integrating the latest HD and UD digital equipment and maximizing the value of legacy SD digital and analog equipment, enabling clients to move forward with new technologies and workflows while maintaining backwards compatibility.

Our experienced Project Managers and certified Broadcast IT Engineers and Technicians understand this integrated Broadcast-AV-IT space, and provide solutions customized to each client’s needs. Our services include:

  • System Needs Assessment & Planning
  • Broadcast-AV-IT Integration – Hardware & Software
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Broadcast IT Engineering & Technical Support
  • Equipment Sourcing and Procurement
  • System Maintenance and Support
  • On-site Installation
  • Cabling & Wiring
  • Testing, Documentation & Training

We also provide related engineering services, including preventive maintenance services and equipment repair – at your facilities or in our repair shop, with a 24/7 Help Desk to assist you in solving both hardware and software problems.

Broadcast Engineering

Tech-Ops’ broadcast engineering group provides the full range of engineering, installation, integration, and maintenance services for your broadcasting needs.

Here is just a sampling of the broadcast engineering services Tech-Ops provides:

  • Feasibility Studies & Analysis
  • Development of Specifications for Broadcast Facilities & Systems
  • Facility Upgrades & Conversions – Analog/SD to HD/UD
  • Management of System Upgrades & Integration
  • Management of Network Operations
  • Administration & Maintenance of VoIP Systems
  • Administration of Broadcast IT Systems
  • Remote Transmission Engineering
  • Broadcast Equipment Testing & Maintenance

Low Voltage Cabling

Low Voltage Cabling - Tech-Ops

Whether you need to create networks in a new facility or new rooms or relocate existing cabling, Tech-Ops can provide skilled technicians to plan and implement all your cabling needs.

We provide turnkey cabling solutions – including planning, installation, migration, and maintenance. Our cabling services include:

  • Planning and installing low-voltage cabling and wires for AV communications, AV-IT integration, broadcasting, CCTV, fire alarm, security, and all business networking and communications needs.
  • Relocating and re-installing data, voice and video equipment, along with your IT infrastructure.
  • Professional installation and configuration of VoIP and traditional phone systems.
  • Complete LAN wiring services for Ethernet networks.
  • Hard wire structure and secure wireless access points for broadband quality wireless Internet.
  • Testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades of all cabling.

We sell, install, configure and provide maintenance for:

  • Voice, Data, Data and Video Cabling
  • Network Data Cabling
  • CCTV Cabling
  • Business and Multi-line Telephone Cabling
  • Network Topology Engineering
  • Wireless Access Point Cabling
  • Structure wiring solutions for Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6e
  • Paging Systems Wiring
  • Data/Server Cabinet Overhauls
  • Coax Cabling and Installation
  • Copper Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation – Single-Mode & Multi-Mode
  • Fiber Optic Fusion and Mechanical Splicing
  • Fiber Optic Termination and Testing Services
  • MDF and IDF Installations
  • Low Voltage De-Installation

Broadcast Equipment

In addition to designing and building broadcast studios, control rooms and network centers, we also specialize in the strategic sourcing of broadcast equipment. Our experienced project managers and engineers will ensure that the products we recommend and source will deliver the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Tech-Ops can recommend, source, and procure all types of broadcast equipment including:

  • Cameras, Camcorders & Lenses – Studio & ENG
  • Video Recorders
  • Cabling
  • Monitors – LCD & Plasma
  • Speakers
  • Mixers
  • Switchers
  • Editing Systems
Broadcast Equipment- Tech-Ops

Our global partners

Tech-Ops is a Dealer, Reseller & Service Center for virtually all of the major broadcast equipment brands including:

Broadcast Maintenance - Tech-Ops

Broadcast Maintenance

In this era of Broadcast-AV-IT convergence, it’s important to maximize your equipment and software investments whether they are the latest HD formats or legacy SD formats. Tech-Ops’ experienced engineers and technicians are factory trained and certified and are required to routinely update their credentials. That is why we are confident in quickly dispatching an engineer or a technician for onsite repair or the pickup and repair of equipment at our Repair Shop immediately upon request.

HD & UD Equipment

Tech-Ops will maintain your equipment as you transition to High-Definition and Ultra-Definition formats, including HDCAM, XDCAM HD, HDCAM SR, DVCPRO HD, SXS, D5 HD, and more

Legacy Equipment

Tech-Ops also specializes in maintaining and repairing legacy equipment in Standard Definition (SD) and analog formats, including DV, DVCAM, CVPRO (25/50, DIGIBETA, BETA SP, BETACAM, and more.

Full Scope of Maintenance and Repair Services

  • 24/7 Help Desk – 877-420-1600
  • Emergency Visits to your Site
  • Dedicated Contract Maintenance Engineers – assigned to your account on a contract basis
  • Maintenance Contracts – Short-term & Long-term
  • Repair Shop – Free Pick-up & Delivery
  • Repair of equipment shipped to us from across the US

Full Scope of Maintenance and Repair Services

Tech-Ops maintains a Manhattan-based repair shop staffed with certified repair and maintenance technicians, fully equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment, scopes, jibs, and manufacturer’s alignment tools – plus a large inventory of parts – most repairs are completed within 24-hours. We also repair equipment shipped to us from across the country.

24/7 Help Desk: 877-420-1600
For swift assistance with maintenance and repair issues call our 24/7 Help Desk, or fill out and submit a Customer Support Request Form.

Broadcast Staffing

A leading provider of technology staffing solutions, Tech-Ops can fill the full range of Broadcast IT positions – from Broadcast IT Engineers in Charge to Post Production Maintenance Technicians.

We also can help you find qualified specialists including Editors, Operators, and Management Executives. Tech-Ops can also customize each staffing solution to meet specific client needs:

  • Temporary & Contract Staffing
  • On-Call Staffing
  • Broadcast Staffing Consulting Services
  • Managed Services

To post a job or talk to one of our Staffing Account Managers, please call 212-465-1318.

Check out all the positions Tech-Ops is prepared to fill to meet your broadcast staffing needs:

  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Post-Production & Creative
Broadcast Staffing - Tech-Ops

Engineering • Production • Post-Production/Creative

Tech-Ops is prepared to fill all your broadcast staffing needs – from engineering, to video production, to post-production and creative personnel.

Engineering Staffing Video Production Staffing Post-Production & Creative Staffing 
· Broadcast Engineer · Production Manager · Post-Production Manager
· Broadcast Technician · Production Coordinator · Post-Production Coordinator
· Audio/Video Engineer · Multimedia Manager · Videographer
· Audio/Video Technician · Executive Producer · Video Editor
· AV Installation Engineer · Associate Producer · Assistant Video Editor
· AV Installation Technician · Web Producer · Audio Engineer
· Production Technician · Editorial Web Producer · Technical Director
· Post-Production Technician · Digital Media Producer · Graphic Artist
· Studio Engineer · Digital Producer · Graphic Designer
· Studio Technician · Digital Content Provider · 3D Animator
· Multimedia Technician · Video Producer · Photo Editor
· Systems Engineer · Interactive Producer · VTR Operator
· Maintenance Technician · New Producer · Tape Operator
· Computer Engineer · Segment Producer · RAD Operator
· Computer Technician · Studio Manager · Projectionist
· Electronic Engineer · Digital Media Specialist · PowerPoint Operator
· RF Engineer · Scriptwriter · Media Asset Manager
· RF Technical Specialist · Technical Writer
·  AVID Engineer ·  Copywriter
· AVID Technician · Production Assistant
·  Writing Technician ·  Researcher
·  Webcasting Technician ·  Research Assistant
· Help Desk Support